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In crafting this unique jewelry piece, I meticulously distilled the distinct characteristics of seahorses into simplified, captivating forms, breathing life into individual and coupled representations. The necklace seamlessly integrates a seahorse couple, each side intricately telling their union and shared journey into parenthood. Innovative color-changing stones mirror the seahorse's transformative hues, adding a dynamic element. Thoughtful stone settings, from airy prongs to subtle micro pave and secure bezels, accentuate the artistic forms. This piece is more than an accessory; it's a wearable narrative, inviting the wearer on a visual journey through the captivating world of seahorses, where love, connection, and the miracle of life unfold in every detail.





Form Derivation


Concept Sketches





Form Derivation

This exquisite piece tells a captivating love story, echoing the intricate journey of two lovers coming together to embark on the beautiful journey of parenting. The outer form draws inspiration from the enchanting mating ritual of seahorses, capturing the essence of connection and unity.

Within, the inner forms delicately portray the tender moment when the female seahorse gracefully deposits her precious eggs into the protective pouch of the male, symbolizing the shared responsibility and nurturing bond that defines the beginning of their parenthood. This unique piece encapsulates the profound narrative of love, unity, and the timeless cycle of life

Brief Description

Hand Sketch

Hand Render

In this hand-rendered masterpiece, a poignant love story unfolds, encapsulating the enthralling journey of two lovers uniting to commence the enchanting adventure of parenthood. The external design draws inspiration from the mesmerizing mating ritual of seahorses, capturing the essence of their unique connection in every curve and detail.

As the observer delves deeper into the intricacies of the piece, the inner forms come to life, skillfully depicting the tender moment when the female seahorse delicately deposits her precious eggs into the protective pouch of the male. Every stroke and contour narrates the intimate act of shared responsibility and the nurturing bond that marks the inception of their journey into parenthood.

Through the artistry of hand rendering, this creation becomes more than a mere piece of jewelry—it transforms into a visual symphony, telling a timeless tale of love, unity, and the profound beauty of life's cyclical wonders.

Final Master Presentation2.jpg

Designed on Rhino.

Rendered on Keyshot.

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